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I entered the United States in late 2007. Originally from Fiji Islands. Held a few positions in Retail and then took a Job in Aviation. Year 2008 was a start for me when I joined an innovative company who came in to change the way of Airline Travel. A start-up airline with a goal "Create an Airline People Love!. I was passionate and an opportunity to be part of history. I am a Team Player, contributor who can work in large teams or in smaller groups. Focused in the quality of the output.

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QA Engineer

Have a decade of experience in Testing E-Commerce Website, Mobile Apps, Self Service Platforms & testing Accessibility Sites. Strong analytical skills. Able to understand business requirements, Write effective test cases, test these test cases, write defects with Actuals and Expected results.

Web Developer

I am able to develop Web applications using .Net Framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MYSQL and C#. I have created a test application using MYSQL, C# and Asp.Net. I'm an individual passionate to fit in any team and be able to deliver as per the teams expectation.

Web Design

Over the past years, I've helped creating Responsive Web design for both personal and Commercial business. I have strong understanding of business requirements, able to analyze project scope, set timelines, test and deliver end product.

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My skills & experiences.

An Experienced and passionate Software Test Engineer with over 10 years of experience working with E-commerce Teams in well known organizations. Dedicated team contributor with the ability to effectively manage and achieve project goals, leveraging my complex understanding of systems engineering concepts. Bringing forth a Proven track record of effectively researching and analyzing business processes, procedures, design and implementing business solutions. A team player holding strong background in troubleshooting problems and finding resolution. Knowledge of Agile project management methodologies including SCRUM. Open minded and also eager to learn and grow. A Team player with positive mindset.

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HTML 70%
CSS 68%
JavaScript 68%
C# 68%
MySQL 68%
JIRA 83%

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Mohammed Ali
Seattle, Washington
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